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Motul 3000 4T Mineral Oil 10w40

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Motul 3000 4T motorcycle oil is a mineral-based oil developed for 4-stroke air- and liquid-cooled engines, with or without a wet clutch, catalytic converter, or integrated gearbox. Specially formulated with high-quality base stocks to improve temperature resistance, this multi-grade oil has high lubrication properties to help reduce wear and increase engine durability—so it's ideal for street and road bikes, rails, and off-road bikes.

Key features and benefits:

* Recommended for 4-stroke engines (oil/air or liquid cooled)
* Lubricant reinforced with extreme pressure additives to guarantee gear protection and lifespan
* High detergent and dispersant properties to maintain engine cleanliness
* Suitable for catalytic converters
* Engine and gearbox protection
* Easy gear shifting
* Meets JASO MA2 specifications: lubricant ensures highest friction possible between friction plates of wet clutch and guarantee perfect clutch lock up at start-up, acceleration, and full speed